Write A Book In Just One Week That Will Change Your Life Forever

Without Breaking A Sweat, Losing Sleep, Your Mind

Or Even Your Friends

Do you constantly talk about the book you're writing when you haven't actually written a single word?

Or have you actually started - maybe multiple times - but never finished it?

Do you desperately want to write that book...if only you didn't have to actually write it?!

Would you find it so much easier if there was someone standing over you, making you do it?

Especially if that someone was a genuinely bestselling author of traditionally published books with 21 years' real world experience?

Are you just bursting to share your brilliance with the world in a book that leads to so many more opportunities (as well as people who love what you have to say)?

Or do you simply want to say yah, boo, sucks to all the people who put you down along the way?

I get it!

Once upon a time, this was me too. Until I learned how to overcome the procrastination, doubt, fear and little voice inside that told me I was faking it.

I have been a successful author, course creator and coach for 21 years and counting.

I found that so many of my clients and students wanted to write a book because they understood how it could instantly establish them as a trusted authority…but they had no idea where to start.

They also did not want to spend the months or years it usually takes to write a book only for it to come out to, well, crickets.

Plus they were scared.

Scared to even start.

Scared of the blank page.

Of having nothing to say.

Or the wrong thing to say.

Terrified of bad reviews.

Or no reviews, let alone sales.

So I decided to take the method I had evolved through writing my own bestselling books – all published by major publishing houses – and hone it so that anyone could use my system to write a book in just one week.

That way they had no time to be scared or to overthink it…

Even better, they built up a huge amount of confidence from finishing their own brilliant book and watching it become a bestseller too.

I know what you’re thinking…how on earth can you write a book in just one week? A good book – maybe even a great one – without sacrificing quality?

The answer is: easily.

Especially if you understand that concise can mean even more compelling and that people actually prefer short, impactful books these days when attention spans are short and time even shorter.

Why a week? Because that’s the amount of time most people can carve out of their lives or set aside without too much difficulty.

It’s designed so that this works like your own, at home writer’s retreat (although you’re welcome to do it anywhere you like that allows you time, space and peace).

In fact, that’s one of the reasons students love BIAW. It’s the ultimate in ‘me’ time with the added bonus of a book at the end of it!

I have taught this method to hundreds of people just like you.

People who understand the power of their own bestselling book.

And now you too can discover how to write that book in just one week.

Change Lives

Writing a book changed my life. It can change yours too. Even better, it can change the lives of thousands and even millions of people…for the better.

There’s something magical about words that are backed up by passion and truth.

The truth of who you are and the passion of what you have to share with the world.

And everyone has something to share…their own particular genius. Their way of doing something. A way that others can copy and use to get what they want and need.

All served up in the most familiar and loved form…a book.

For centuries we humans have passed on our wisdom and knowledge through story. We still learn that way today.

Your story – your life experience, your triumphs and disasters, everything you have learned – is the most valuable thing you have to pass on.

It is your legacy.

A legacy that you can live right now by using it to give yourself the authority and trust you need to attract and inspire a loyal audience who hang on your every well-crafted word.

And keep coming back for more.

Let’s be clear here – I’m not talking fairytales or fiction but a book that sets up as an expert in your field, giving you the powerful platform you need.

A platform you can use to create courses, masterminds, workshops, speaking engagements, more books…

It all starts with the proven BIAW system.

Who Is This For?

Writing a book changed my life. It can change yours too. Even better, it can change the lives of thousands and even millions of people…for the better. Think you can’t do this? Think again. It’s especially good for…

You if you want to set up your own business doing something you love but have no idea where to start (hint: with a book)

You if you already coach, teach or create courses but want to be more visible and get more customers or clients

You if you're willing to take risks, break out of your comfort zone and find your authentic voice so it resonates across the world

You if you want to have fun throughout the process while daring to reach deep and be raw so that your authenticity acts as a magnet to your ideal readers and clients

Or have you actually started - maybe multiple times - but never finished it?

Here’s What You Get

This is designed to be an enjoyable, interactive, creative experience and not a hard slog. No hours of passively watching videos – instead a practical, repeatable process that brings out the bestseller in you. Yes, it will push you (gently) and encourage you (a lot).


Concise video training

Short, practical and comprehensive video training that you use alongside the step by step exercises in your workbooks and to form the foundation of your Book In A Week.


DWY Workbooks

Done With You Workbooks so you can take every step with complete confidence!


Daily Emails

Daily emails to encourage, motivate and keep you accountable through your Book In A Week experience.


Your own community

You also get access to the Book In A Week community where you can hang out, encourage one another, buddy up and then get back to writing!


Gorgeous motivational tools

To keep that enthusiasm high even when you feel it flagging, you receive gorgeous motivational meditations, posters, cards and other tools to use as you wish.



Each day during the Book In A Week experience you record your progress and mesaure it against the goals you set out at the beginning so you learn the most valuable skill of all – how to hold yourself accountable.

Your Springboard To Success

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