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You want to write a book. Not just any old book but one that will set you apart as an authority, a thought leader, a teacher…someone who has something to say. But life keeps getting in the way.

You know that book could change everything. It gives you the platform you need so that people take you seriously. Which means they will not only buy your book but your courses, programs, workshops, events, and whatever else you want to create too.

There is just one tiny problem…most people think writing a book is easy until they start. Because, despite what they tell you, not everyone can write a book. At least, not a great book. The kind of book that is the foundation for an entire business or career. That’s where I come in.

My Programs

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Bestseller In A Day

The Bestseller In A Day workshop is a fun, interactive process that walks you through coming up with your first or next bestseller in just one day!

Book In A Week

Can you really write a great book in just one week? And do it without even breaking a sweat? Absolutely. That’s exactly what you’ll do in your very own writer’s retreat aka Book In A Week.

Book Camp

Book Camp is my intensive 6 month group program to get you from idea to book in the company of other brilliant, likeminded individuals. You can join the wait list here.

is this for you?


I don't know where to start!

You know that a writing a book can change your life. Trouble is, you have no idea where to start. We get it. Even better, we get you. And we can help.


I've tried and failed before...

I know what you’re thinking…why should this time be different? Simple. We do things differently. We’ve done it for thousands of other writers. We’ve also done it for people who think they’ll never be a writer. All kinds of people. Including you.


I really want to do this but I don't have the time/energy/motivation

Short answer – you do. You just need help finding it. And focusing it. Not to mention using it the right way. Which means you’re out of excuses…and staring at your best chance ever to fulfil that dream and write that book…become that well-known expert…get invited to speak…build and entire business if that’s what you want. It all starts here.


maybe i'll just get a ghostwriter...

Uh, no. Not the way we do things. We believe in freeing your voice so you write your book in your own, unique way. A way people will love so that it translates into all those other things we talked about.


i think i might just stay stuck

Not an option either. Think you can’t do this? Think again. Feel unworthy? We’ll fix that too. We will not just get you unstuck, we’ll have you soaring…and having the time of your life along the way.

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So You Want To Be A Writer?

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