How I Make Money From Thin Air…AKA Just A Few Words

Using AI to do all the heavy lifting if you wish!

Wondering if this AI thing really works?

Or if you can actually make money from it?

The answer to both is yes...

And I'm going to teach you how

Best part? You don't even need the AI to make this work...

Although it will save you lots of time while doing the heavy lifting. Totally up to you.

What I can promise is that I will show you how I create income from thin air aka words every single day and how you can do the same quickly and easily!

The Juicy Bit

On this page I’m going to share the juicy stuff – exactly what you’ll learn with nothing held back. Sound good? Great! Let’s get going…

Words are magic.

With them, you can literally create an income out of thin air…or at least, your mind.

It’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 23 years and will continue doing until I drop or decide to stop…

Which is unlikely because, apart from the great money I bring in with my words, I absolutely love what I do.

How many people can say that?

Can you?

Thing is, I totally understand how you can struggle to make this work. I struggled at first. But long experience taught me how to turn my words into streams of income.

All kinds of streams.

So that I don’t have to worry if I need a quick injection of cash or a longer term, passive source of funds because I simply create some more words and I’m done.

I know what you're thinking...

I know what you’re probably thinking right now – that it’s easy for me because I’ve been doing this for so long.

And you’d be right.

You’ve probably tried it yourself with articles, blog posts, social media, ebooks…you name it.

But it’s hard to make those pay unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Most likely you’ve spun in circles following the regurgitated advice out there…

Advice that unfortunately doesn’t come from people who are actually walking their own talk.

Which means its outdated, useless or worse.

I write every single day of my life.

I also constantly try out new ways of earning from that writing.

The ones that work, I repeat and then occasionally teach.

Those that don’t get discarded.

After all, who has time to waste on stuff that – bottom line – doesn’t put food on the table?

Certainly not me and, I suspect, not you either.

Even better, there is now the added magic of AI to do the heavy lifting if I choose to use it which cuts down on the tedious stuff like researching, outlining and even coming up with ideas so I can get on with the fun part.

The fun that you can have too because I’ve designed this course so that absolutely anyone can take it, use it and benefit from it provided you follow the easy steps I give you.

How Can I say that?


I’ve walked those steps many times.

Taught them too.

Tried them out on hundreds of others so that any possible wrinkle is ironed out and they work seamlessly, with or without the added help of AI.

You see, AI isn’t a magic button. It’s a tool, like any other. And just as with all those other tools, it has to be used correctly so that you get the results you want.

Which is easy with WordCash because I give you not just the right AI for each of your needs (yep – it really isn’t one size fits all)…

I also show you exactly how to use them to get the very best results.

You may still be suspicious of AI.

You might not want to go anywhere near it.

And that’s absolutely fine because I’ve made sure you can do everything in WordCash with or without the added help of AI…

It’s completely up to you.

AI such as ChatGPT will cut down the time and effort it takes but you might be happy to take a little longer doing it the old-fashioned way.

That old-fashioned way still works brilliantly for everything I teach you here because you simply cannot beat the power of words.

Especially when you’re using them in the way that I show you.

So What Is WordCash?

In a nutshell,these are my favorite, tried and tested ways to bring in fast cash from online sites that pay good money for all kinds of content including short stories, articles and even lists…

All of which you can create either yourself or using AI so that you simply sprinkle the fairy dust on top…

To turn those words into pure magic.

The kind of magic that pays fast and often instantly – no hanging around for days or even months to see that money hit your account.

I not only teach you how I do it, I share with you the best resources I have…my own contacts and trusted sites so you can be sure they are legitimate and will reward you as promised.

All you need to do is follow those simple steps I give you for each case – with AI options, also with full instructions – so that you can do what I do.

It is genuinely as easy as that.

But, but, but you might be saying…

But I’m not you.

I’m not a writer.

I don’t have your experience.

The truth is…you don’t need it.

So What Do You Get?

One thing I can absolutely promise you DON’T get is overwhelm.

I break everything down so you not only learn what I do but why.

I’m also going to stop you from running around doing all the stuff that simply doesn’t work so together we can focus on what does.

And by that I mean the things I do that actually earn me money as opposed to the things that take up a ton of time and you still end up with a whole heap of nothing.

The steps I give you may seem almost too easy but I promise you that they actually work.

More than that, they work because of the years of experience that lie behind them…experience I am now happily sharing with you.

That’s the other thing – this will leave you feeling good.

Good about yourself as well as good about your results because this is all ethical, above board and it actually works.

No weird methods or tricky tactics here.

This is an entire, repeatable system you can follow again and again knowing you will get results.

It’s focused, effective and proven.

I’ll be showing you the best ways I know to create those lists, articles, blog posts and short stories for the specific markets I also share with you.

Nothing held back.

I’m not holding on to the best secrets for myself because this simply can’t be saturated.

There’s and endless demand for this kind of content so you will never run out of opportunities.

Yes…even with the advent of AI.

As I said, AI is a tool. It can help you create the kind of content that sells but it can’t do that without your input.

That’s the part that generates the magic:


And I’m here to help you all the way whether you choose to let AI do the heavy lifting or whether you want a little more input or even go Old Skool and do it all yourself.

Here’s What You Get

My top three ways to effortlessly create in demand content that I sell for top dollar with fast and often instant payments - I use all of these myself

How to make sure your stuff stands that it sells!

The right ways to use AI as a writing assistant rather than the magic bullet some people would have you believe

My absolute favorite sites who are begging for great content and willing to pay great money for it (we're talking $100 for just a list and up to $700 for a blog post)

How to actually earn similar amounts for your short stories...yes, you can get paid to do what you love and do it even better thanks to what you will learn here

The hottest topics to use with hundreds of DFY ideas so you never need to go short again...along with how to use AI to generate even more hot topics if you wish


STory starters & sites

You get Done For You Story Starters to get you going fast along with my secret list of sites that pay GREAT money!


DFY Templates &Prompts

You also get my own, professionally crafted and proven  Prompts (for both you and AI) along with all the ideas you could need so you get the best possible start and structure for your sellable content


Comprehensive Training PDFs

Comprehensive PDF training covering everything you need to know to make this work for you with or without AI along with all the Resources you need such as the best sites for selling your work

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us at:


No Fluff, Magic Bullets Or BS!

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us at:


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