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There’s one thing that makes all the difference between success and failure…
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You do it by following proven processes that have worked for years and keep on working…
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Not just once but three times over with this incredible collection of my bestselling email marketing courses and templates.
You get everything you need to not just build on the list you create with your newsletter (you also get more list-building secrets) but nurture and edutain it…
So that those people on it – and never forget they are people – buy and keep on buying from you.
Use it to get tons of brand new subscribers who turn into loyal buyers
Create instant authority and expert status…
As well as making people know, trust and LOVE you through your emails!
And do all of that easily using step by step systems you can follow along with templates you can literally cut and paste!
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My Proven Instant Emails

The irresistible welcome emails (you get a choice) I send to new buyers and subscribers in easily editable, annotated template form so you can make them entirely your own.


The engaging follow-up nurture sequence I then deploy to win hearts, minds and the kind of loyalty that gets people to trust you so they buy.

The emails are proven and evergreen. They work for just about any niche so you can use them over and over again.

The follow along training that is included means this goes way beyond mere copy and paste templates, turning you into an expert email marketer.

Superpowered Subject Lines
You also get my Superpowered Subject Lines – a comprehensive training that teaches you how to write the kind of subject lines that get people salivating.

But that’s not all as this also goes into the importance of segmentation and optimization and how to do both so your emails are truly superpowered.

This is 47 pages of pure email marketing gold.

You Also Get My Bestselling Irrelistible!


Why this truly can be life-changing – pg 5

One of the fastest ways I have found to build a highly responsive list – p 9

How not to be a Frantic Marketer – pg 9

The exact thing to say on this particular platform to get people to want to gobble up your stuff…so they sign up for it – pg 11

Why you should offer them this so you both get a quick win – pg 17

The one thing that instantly increases long term engagement by as much as 33% – pg 20

The surprising secret to success with this particular method – and the way to succeed every time – pg 25

My perfect, step by step formula for you to follow with proven examples – pg 27

How to make people gravitate towards your content…so you don’t have to go after them – pg 32

Why you should focus on this to build your lists on this platform…the way the most successful people there do it – pg 33

You might hate these…but they really work – pg 34

Easy but powerful insider tips and tricks that make you effortlessly stand out – pgs35 – 38

The single best way to build connection…so you also build that huge, engaged list – pg 43

My secret tactic to getting incredible conversion rates for sign-ups – pg 49

The 9 simple things you need to do to see subscriber numbers go through the roof – pg 51

The Golden Rule that ensures success – pg 54


Best Of All...You Get My Extraordinary Emails...

Watch me write the emails that have brought in more than $346,541.06 and counting…so you can copy and paste what I do!

Revealed – the secrets behind the sales emails…

“That have pulled me in nearly $350k on one platform alone…”
I’ve created and refined these into a precise formula. One that I have used for over 10 years in 100s of promotions and 1000s of emails. Now I’m sharing that formula with you.

So you can copy, paste & fill in the blanks to success…

And even rewrite them in a flash with your favorite AI rewriter!

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

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