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How I Became A Bestselling Author In This $1.44 Billion Dollar Genre…My Innermost Secrets Revealed!

Now you can become one too using the power of AI to do all the hard work!

How would you like to claim a share of the $1.44 Billion romance readers spend each year?

And do so with your very own romance novels that you create quickly and easily?

Even if you've barely written a shopping list before...

And think soppy is sappy...

Of course you would! And you're in luck because I'm going to show you how to grab a big piece of that romance pie using my own secret formula...

One I spent years perfecting so that all you have to do is follow the simple steps I lay out, using the power of AI to do all the heavy lifting (if you wish) so that you, too, can put your name to a bestselling romance novel...

A novel that you can be proud of and that your readers will love too!

Are there really any secrets to this?

You bet. And once you know them, you’ll understand what makes romance readers beg for more…especially more of you and your books!

Have you ever dreamed of writing a romance novel that not only captures hearts but also tops the sales charts?

Or maybe you crave the rewards that come with a bestselling book in a $1.44BN genre…

Imagine your book nestled among the bestsellers, your name whispered among readers craving your next love story.

Readers who cannot resist buying the next book…and the next. Because they’re hooked on you and your stories.

Stories you created with ease.

If you’ve felt that burning desire to be a bestseller but find yourself stumbling over the hows and whats of crafting a romance novel that sells…

Then you’re in the perfect spot. 

Introducing LoveCash – your golden ticket to the world of successful romance writing.

This isn’t just another writing course; it’s a heartfelt journey into the art and business of creating stories that resonate with readers and dominate the marketplace.

Why lovecash?

Because love stories are timeless, and the desire for them will never fade…

Which means people will never stop buying them.

But understanding how to weave passion, tension, and heart-fluttering moments into a narrative that also aligns with what sells…

Now, that’s a skill.

And it’s one I’m excited to share with you.

Especially as I’ll also be showing you all the shortcuts and secrets to success I’ve learned along the way to bestsellerdom.

Including the latest ways to use AI ethically and responsibly to help you write that book faster than you ever imagined…

To give you results you’ve only ever dreamed of until now!

What if...

You knew exactly what to write…

Because you know precisely what your readers want…

So you give it to them almost effortlessly…

Creating a stream of passive income that just keeps building with your audience…an audience that loves everything you write.

Which means they lap it up, leave wonderful reviews and buy every single book you put out there the moment it’s published…

Reviews like these (all of them mine, written by readers and reviewers)…

Impossible to put down extraordinary… a must-read. I wish I could give this book more than five stars.’

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


‘I read this book in one day. Omg I seriously cried.’

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Gripping Unputdownable! Splendid…! Superb.’ 

Vegan Book Blogger ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Beautiful Emotional… A story of bravery, survival, strength, friendship and love with the most perfect ending. A page-turner that had me up until all hours… highly recommended.’

Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Phenomenal I loved every minute captivating I loved it and highly recommend it.’ 

Page Turners ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Heartbreaking… I cried so many times… I couldn’t put it down Incredible… I highly recommend it.’ 

Page Turners ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

What Is Love Cash?

It’s my proven system (just see those reviews) for writing a bestselling romance novel quickly and easily and selling it just as fast because you give your audience exactly what they want…using AI to do all the heavy lifting for you if you wish…

All of which you can either write yourself (and you don’t even have to be able to type) or by using AI, following the steps I give you …

Along with in-depth guidance and prompts…

To produce a heart-stoppingly brilliant romance novel.

The kind of book that huge, hungry audience of millions of readers will salivate and sigh over…

Because you know what they want and you give it to them.

And I not only teach you how I do it, I share with you the best resources I have…

Along with my insider tips to maximise your resullts.

All you need to do is follow those simple steps I give you  – with AI options, also with full instructions – so that you can do what I do.

Quickly and easily.

As well as ethically and responsibly so that the AI ban hammer won’t fall on you.

I know what you’re thinking…

I’m not you.

I’m not an author.

I don’t have your 24 years of experience.

I can barely write a note for the delivery guy.

Here’s the biggest secret…

Anyone can do this!

So What Do You Get?

Here’s Why You’re Going To Adore Love Cash…

The Secrets of Romance Writing:

Delve into the heart of romance fiction, exploring sub-genres, trends, and what readers truly seek in a love story.

It’s like finding the secret recipe to your grandmother’s best dish – priceless and powerful.

Character Chemistry:

Learn how to create characters that leap off the page and into readers’ hearts.

I’ll show you how to craft heroes and heroines with depth, flaws, and a burning desire that readers can’t resist.


Plotting Love:

Master classic plot structures tailored for romance, ensuring your story dances gracefully from the first page to the last.

From “Save the Cat” to the “Three-Act Structure,” I’ll guide you through plotting a love story that’s both satisfying and sellable.


Sizzling Strategies for Writing Romance:

Unlock techniques to pen scenes that sizzle and dialogue that sparkles.

Discover how to balance emotional depth with the tension that keeps pages turning late into the night.


The Business of Love: Navigate the world of publishing with confidence.

From crafting a compelling book blurb to understanding the marketplace, learn how to position your romance novel for success.

Marketing for Romance Writers: Unveil secrets to building an engaged audience, mastering social media, and crafting a brand that stands out.

It’s about creating a love affair between your books and your readers…

So they buy!

Here’s What You Get

Blueprint to Bestselling Success: Unlock my step-by-step guide designed by a bestselling author, tailored specifically for crafting compelling romance novels that sell.

Masterclass in Romance Genres: Dive deep into the most lucrative romance sub-genres, understanding what readers crave and how to deliver it.

Sizzling Scenes: Discover the art of writing scenes that sizzle with tension, passion, and conflict, keeping your readers hooked from start to finish.

Character Creation Secrets: Learn how to create unforgettable characters with emotional depth, dynamic relationships, and irresistible charm.

Plotting Perfection: Use my proven plotting templates and prompts that make crafting your story's journey as easy as following treasure map.

Income Maximization Strategies: Uncover industry secrets on how to maximize your earnings, from launching your first book to building a loyal reader base.

Keyword Mastery: Learn how to master Amazon keywords and categories, ensuring your book finds its way into the hands of readers who are ready to fall in love with your story.

Marketing Magic for Authors: Get insider tips on creating a marketing plan that builds buzz, boosts sales, and brands you as a must-read author in the romance genre.

AI Activators: Do it all with or without the help of AI using my exclusive prompts and tips!

Here's What's Inside

Pg. 11 – Know what they want…the genres and sub-genres that have romance readers salivating

Pg. 19 – What readers want in each specific genre so you can give it to them!

Pg. 27 – Why Flaws and Growth are your best friends…

Pg. 34 – How you must be the ‘the little bit of chaos that keeps things interesting’

Pg. 37 – The Classic Plot Structures and why they save you a ton of time and work

Pg. 56 – The prompts I use to get bestselling plot ideas every time

Pg. 65 – My top writing tips – #2 is a humdinger!

Pg. 66 – How To Write Without Writing (yes, really)

Pg. 85 – What you should always use to start an irresistible book description…

Pg. 91 – Keywords and how to find the best ones – this can make or break your book’s success on Kindle


Custom GPT

I believe that interactive learning gets the best results and what could be more interactive than an exclusive Custom GPT, already trained the LoveCash way, that you can access whenever you wish?


DFY Prompts, Checklist & Workbook

Done For You bestselling romance plot ideas, checklist, prompts (for both you and AI), and workbook so you can consolidate your learning and start taking action fast


Comprehensive Training PDFs

Comprehensive 108 page PDF training covering everything you need to know to make this work for you with or without AI along with all the resources you could ever need to succeed

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us here

No Fluff, Magic Bullets Or BS!

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us here

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