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Want to make even more cash from this and do it faster and easier?

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Which is why I’ve created this enormous DFY upgrade so that you can simply plug it in and get going right away.

No waiting around.

No creating anything if you don’t want to.

It’s all here, done for you…

With my expertise.

So I know it works.

For you.

Here’s what you get…

Meditation Report

A 1204 word, 9 page 1meditation report entirely written by me that you can use to bundle with your audios or on its own as a lead magnet…break it up, edit it, sell it, change it entirely. The only thing you can’t do is use my name on it.

You get it in Word, ODT and PDF format along with an ecover.


30 DFY Guided Meditation Scripts

Forget having to create your won guided meditation scripts – I’ve done it for you with 30 on topics and niches I know sell really well.

You can just plug these in to create audios as taught in the course or even sell them as is (also taught in the course)…the choice is yours.



465 DFY Affirmations

Yep – more than enough for every day o the year! You get 100 affirmations curated into topics which I know are bestsellers along with 365 more you can use to create audios and videos along with print products to really maximise your income.




Hypnosis Audios

Hypnosis is huge and you can use these in Descript with your other content or simply sell as is – you have completely unrestricted rights.

You get 9 audios in total on the following bestselling topics:

Amazing Learning
Play Time: 14 minutes – 46 seconds

Attracting Wealth
Play Time: 14 minutes – 54 seconds

Being Confindent
Play Time: 16 minutes – 50 seconds

Dreams Come True
Play Time: 16 minutes – 14 seconds

Quit Smoking
Play Time: 16 minutes – 36 seconds

Staying Relaxed
Play Time: 17 minutes – 12 seconds

Total Relaxation
Play Time: 18 minutes – 18 seconds

True Love
Play Time: 14 minutes – 04 seconds

Weight Loss
Play Time: 18 minutes – 30 seconds

Dreams Come True
33 Pages To Compliment The mp3

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

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