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Why publishing is like making your favorite smoothie (pg. 11)

The most valuable author and book marketing tool of all… (pg. 29)

How to Spot Profitable KDP Keywords (pg. 42)

The Alphabet Soup Technique (pg. 43)

What you should never do when publishing your book on KDP (pg. 48)

What readers really want… (pg. 52)

How to maximise book sales (pg. 53)

Playing the Pages Read Game (pg. 64)

Hashtags: Your Secret Handshake (pg. 74)

Sales, Sales, Sales…and how to get more (pg. 77)

Building the ultimate book list… (pg. 81)

How to run a virtual book launch (pg. 89)

The Promo Hot Sheet (pg. 92)

Must Have Author Tools & Resources (pg. 98)

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