How I Made It Big From Short Books With Over 10M Reads In Less Than A Year…Using My Bestseller Secret Formula!

And how you can too using the power of AI to do all the hard work!

Always wanted to write a book?

Especially as you know you can make great money from it while becoming an instant authority?

But you don't have the time...

Or the know-how...

Then read on because I'm going to show you how you can write a bestselling nonfiction book quickly and easily following a proven formula

The same one I use myself in my 6 figure publishing business...and the best part is that you can get AI to do all the heavy lifting using the ethical tips and tricks I teach you to create a really good book...

One that you can not only be proud to put your name to but also a book that people will love to buy and read!

Shhh…The Secret Formula

Yes, there’s a secret formula to a wildly successful short book – one that means the difference between people begging for it and, well, crickets…

Are you ready?

I mean really ready?

If you are, then hop on board…

Because this an unforgettable journey that will catapult you to new heights…

And make sure that no-one ever forgets your name.

If you’ve ever dreamt of turning your passion for writing into profit…

Or simply want a surefire business that grows with you…

Then you’re about to discover the key that will unlock the door to your dreams.

Introducing Book Cash – the ultimate guide to writing and publishing short nonfiction books that captivate readers and pave the way for financial abundance and professional success.

As a bestselling* author with over 23 years of experience, I have  crafted this course to empower aspiring writers and marketers like you with the skills and knowledge needed to make a lasting impact and generate a substantial income.

Imagine a life where your words have the power to inspire, educate, and entertain readers around the globe.

Picture yourself as a respected authority, leveraging your books to build a thriving platform for your business.

With Book Cash, these dreams can become your reality.

Faster and easier than you ever thought possible thanks to the magic of AI (although you don’t have to use it to succeed with this…we love Old Skool too!)

*Not just in some obscure Amazon category either but on bestseller lists and topping the Amazon charts

Want to know the real secret?

A simple book is just about the most profitable thing you can create right now…

Not just because you can sell it…

But also because of all the other opportunities it creates for you.

Opportunities like being seen as an instant expert and authority…

So people automatically trust and therefore buy from you.

They also want you to do all kinds of other things like…

Joint venture with them

Speak at their events

Run VIP workshops and days and so much more.

Best part?

People actually prefer short books these days.

Just as they like their videos and other forms of edutainment to be short and snappy…

While still giving them exactly what they need.

Just the good stuff without the fluff.

Which is another secret I share with you in BookCash – how to know precisely what your audience wants…

So you can give it to them using the step by step process I also share with you along with my insider tips and tricks…

The ones I’ve learned from doing this every single day.

And hitting those bestseller lists over and over again.

The same bestseller spots you can effortlessly achieve too if you follow what I teach you here in BookCash.

just imagine...

Getting a book out there in less than a week…

Even one day if you like…

Then seeing the money come in from that book fast…

While you get more books out there so you build your own passive income publishing empire…

And have plenty of time to do all the other things you love while reaping the other rewards that come with being the author of best-selling books.

So What Is BookCash?

It’s my proven process to getting short books out there and selling fast because you already know that people will buy before you write a single word…and you can get AI to do all the heavy lifting for you… 

All of which you can create either yourself or by using AI and following the steps I give you …

To produce an irresistible short book.

The sort of book people desperately want to read and digest because you’re giving them what you already know they need…

And I not only teach you how I do it, I share with you the best resources I have…

Along with my insider tips to maximise your resullts.

All you need to do is follow those simple steps I give you  – with AI options, also with full instructions – so that you can do what I do.

Quickly and easily.

As well as ethically and responsibly so that the AI ban hammer won’t fall on you.

I know what you’re thinking…

I’m not you.

I’m not an author.

I don’t have your 23 years of experience.

I’m not sure I can even write.

You know what? It doesn’t matter!

So What Do You Get?

Here’s Why BookCash Is A Game-Changer For You…

Tap Into the Power of  Writing…

 Books have the unique ability to touch lives, solve problems, and transform perspectives.

With BookCash, you’ll learn how to create a compelling book that captivates your audience…

The audience that you already know has a problem only you can solve…

So that you can effortlessly create a solution for them that resonates on a profound level and leaves a lasting impact.

A solution that is delivered to them in a proven bestselling format…

One that I use over and over again.

Because it works.

Master the Art of Writing Short Nonfiction Books…

In today’s fast-paced world, readers crave concise, actionable information that delivers results.

That’s where the magic of short nonfiction books comes into play.

With BookCash, I’ll guide you through the process of crafting impactful short books that cut through the noise and provide immediate value to your readers.

You’ll learn how to distill your knowledge, research, and expertise into bite-sized masterpieces that leave a lasting impression.

Short doesn’t mean shallow – it means focused, impactful, and profitable!

Embrace the Power of AI for Productivity…

I understand that writing can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for beginners.

That’s why I’ve integrated cutting-edge AI tools into this course to assist you every step of the way.

The mostly free AI-powered writing tools I recommend will help you generate ideas, refine your writing, and enhance your creativity.

With BookCash, you’ll harness the power of AI to streamline your writing process, allowing you to focus on what you do best – crafting compelling content that resonates with readers.

And you’ll learn how to do it ethically and responsibly so that you never get banned, lose your account or worse in a world where lawsuits are already flying over AI-created content.

Monetize Your Short Books…

BookCash isn’t just about writing for the love of it…

It’s about turning your passion into profit.

I’ll guide you through creating a short nonfiction book that you can then turn into courses or workshops or use to attract clients and customers the way I do…

So you can build your empire and achievefreedom doing what you love most.

Exclusive Bonuses…

When you invest in BookCash, you’ll gain access to a treasure trove of exclusive bonuses including a Custom GPT trained the BookCash way!.

Here’s What You Get

How to quickly and easily find the best nonfiction book niches without spending hours trawling through Amazon

The 30 second system to pinpointing the perfect topic and title for your book - no stress, no sweat

How to use AI to help you write a brilliant book almost faster than you can blink...and do so ethically using my own tried and tested system and best practices

How to turn your short book into yet more income streams and door-opening opportunities that can literally change your life

The best prompts and ideas that you can simply swipe to get you started superfast and make this super simple for absolutely anyone to do

Here's What's Inside


Finding your big idea (pg.10)

An AI Hook for your Book (pg. 12)

What if you have no idea? (pg. 35)

My tried and tested prompts for idea generation (p.39)

How to outline your book my way – this is crucial  to your success (pg. 45)

The actual writing part and how to overcome any obstacles (pg. 57)

My tried and tested prompts for writing assistance (pg. 64)

Getting the right kind of reviewers (pg. 89)

Publishing and marketing your book for maximum success (pg. 99)

Insider tips for maximising ChatGPT’s assistance (pg. 111)

Your Custom GPT trained to help you with this course (pg. 118)


Custom GPT

I believe that interactive learning gets the best results and what could be more interactive than an exclusive Custom GPT, already trained the BookCash way, that you can access whenever you wish?


DFY Prompts, Checklist & Workbook

Done For You bestselling book ideas, checklist, prompts (for both you and AI), and workbook so you can consolidate your learning and start taking action fast


Comprehensive Training PDFs

Comprehensive 119 page PDF training covering everything you need to know to make this work for you with or without AI along with all the Resources you could ever need to succeed

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us here

No Fluff, Magic Bullets Or BS!

This is a direct download – no  logins or passwords required.

If you need support, please contact us here

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